Frequently asked questions

How soon will I receive my video?

Our standard delivery time is 5 day excluding weekends unless you ordered the 24 hour expedite option.

How much does the 24 hour delivery cost?

We will expedite your order and deliver it within 24 hours of your purchase for an additional $50 dollars

Who will create my video?

Checkout our samples page, we use the same actress for all videos. Contact support if you need additional actors for your video and we may be able to help.

Do you offer refunds?

NO, we do not offer refunds once your video has been produced. It takes a lot of time to create and edit these videos and we would love money...

How will I receive my video?

We deliver our videos using a secure Dropbox link so you can download the final video quickly.

Can I add my logo or music to the video?

Yes! During the checkout process you will have the option to add those options and upload them to our secure server.